Former VDOT Commissioner Greory Whirley and Deputy Secretary of Transportation Grindly Johnson, Chief of Equal Business & Employee Opportunity

Mission Statement

TDAC’s mission is to offer business opportunities, education, and professional development through dialogs between the firms TDAC represents, and prime contractors, federal, state transportation agencies, and professional organizations. It increases contracting opportunities for the DBEs and SWaMs, doing business with VDOT. It also provides means for the companies to express their concerns. TDAC holds meetings four times a year, which keep its members well informed on current and upcoming subjects that directly or indirectly affect their businesses.

TDAC works closely with VDOT, provides assistance in events organized by the Civil Rights Division. It jointly presents the once a year Training Conference with VDOT Civil Rights Division, to provide training for companies doing  business in Virginia.  TDAC officers maintain contacts with representatives from FHWA, FAA, DOAV and other Civil Rights organizations to provide assistance for the betterment of all involved.             

The original TDAC web site was designed and donated by Chi Associates in 2014, with authorization from TDAC, for the  purpose of enhancing two way communication between DBEs and prime contractors also to provide useful information. In April, 2016, TDAC voting members established a Web Site Committee to oversee the expansion of the web site and to increase its functions. The upgraded web site will enable businesses interested in contracting opportunities a means of connection that is convenient and essential to successful contracting. It permits businesses in Virginia to solicit quotations for public and private funded projects.

The upgraded web site will be a “One Stop” web portal with links to various resources that enable DBEs and SWaMs to gain business opportunities and to receive critical information which enhance their business development. The web site upgrade will be supported by donations from participating organizations and paid sponsorships.